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Underwater videos from Australia

Wonders Of The Great Barrier Reef And Coral Sea Underwater Video


Wonders Of The Great Barrier Reef And Coral Sea Underwater Video

Here is a selection of footage I shot around Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef ending out on 1000 meter walls in the Coral Sea. I gathered the footage from a few tri...

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Scarlet X / Gates Deep Epic Pre-Production tests

Quick and dirty cut, conditions weren't great, vis on the wreck was 5-7m, Fish Rock was better at 15m vis but the depth was reasonably deep at about 30m. I am going ...

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Tropical Rainforest Great Barrier Reef Relaxation DVD BluRay

Here is a small demo from some of the footage in our Reef to Rainforest relaxation DVD. It runs for over 90 minutes set to relaxating smoothing music. http://yout...

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Scuba Diving North Stradbroke Islands

Scuba Diving Manta Bommie, North Stradbroke Island, diving with manta rays, leopard sharks, shovel nose sharks, Bull rays, and alot more http://www.youtube.com/wa...

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Ningaloo Reef DVD Western Australia

Ningaloo Reef Exmouth The Naturally Ningaloo underwater video is a collection of breathtaking underwater vision giving one a glimpse into the amazing underwater wor...

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Nature and Beauty of Wreck Reef in the Coral Sea

A short video on the nature and beauty of Wreck Reef in the Coral Sea, Australia http://vimeo.com/12030164

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2011 ginclearfilm showreel

The 2011 ginclearfilm showreel http://www.vimeo.com/26358360

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Shark Feeding Frenzy Great Barrier Reef Taka Dive

Here is the shark feed from my latest trip on Taka Dive out to the Coral Sea on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Australia. Edited on the boat between dives. http:/...

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Cod Hole Great Barrier Reef Taka Dive

Here we are at the Cod Hole on the Great Barrier Reef out from Cairns on Taka Dive. Edited on the boat after the dive. http://youtu.be/rLPLkO-Ehrg

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Minke Whales Great Barrier Reef Taka Dive

During the months of June, July and August of each year there is the amazing opportunity to encounter Dwarf Minke Whales whilst on their migration path. The Dwarf Mi...

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Steve’s Bommie Great Barrier Reef

Here is a short video shot on the Great Barrier Reef out from Cairns on Taka Dive. The dive site is called Steves Bommie. The footage was shot using my Sony FX1 in A...

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Clam Gardens Great Barrier Reef Australia

Here is a short video shot on the Great Barrier Reef out from Cairns on Taka Dive. The dive site is called Clam Gardens and the first part of the dive was shot at 30...

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Shark Feed | Great Barrier Reef

Here is another little Shark Feed video I put together from my last dive trip out from Cairns Queensland on the Great Barrier Reef. It was shot using a Sony HDV A...

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Shark Feeding | Coral Sea Cairns Australia

Here is a small shark feeding clip I cut up from my dive trip out on Taka Dive from Cairns - Queensland. We went to the Coral Sea where you find huge drop offs in cr...

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Jetties At Night

Amazing nightdives in the south of Australia at Blairgowrie Pier and Edithburgh Jetty. More South Australia videos soon on my website http://vimeo.com/22572492...

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The Exmouth Navy Pier DVD | Ningaloo Reef

The Exmouth Navy Pier DVD takes viewers on a breathtaking 50 minute underwater tour of the famous Navy Pier located on the stunning Ningaloo Reef in Western Austra...

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Underwater Marine Life Stock Footage HD Showreel

A sampling of footage from our underwater stock footage library. Footage shot in Australia, Galapagos Islands, Fiji Islands, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Indonesia. ...

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