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Overfishing The Worlds Oceans Rap Music Video

Here is a great rap music video about over fishing. http://youtu.be/gxzXgXQOCCw

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Whale Sharks! Donsol Butanding Festival

This is the Philippines' very own whale shark festival in the Bicol Province celebrating the arrival of the gentle giants into their waters. Shot on a old Sony VX 20...

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Dive Tribes Great Shark Release

Please Help Us Save Our Sharks From Extinction OUR STORY Dive Tribe is a group of conservation minded divers that was set up in Thailand to look at what we call ...

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Sir David Attenborough talks about plastic pollution in our oceans

Plastic Pollution has become a man-made global catastrophe Over the last 60 years plastic has become central to our lives and mankind has subjected the planet to ...

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2011 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition Tralier

Just released: new trailer for the 2011 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition! Mary Lyn http://youtu.be/jW6zWU4k2rw

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The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

This groundbreaking NRDC documentary explores the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification, which may soon challenge marine life on a scale not seen for tens of m...

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TEDxConejo – Amos Nachoum – No Demons of the Sea

There is something you need to know about Jaws. He was a fabrication. Photographer and explorer Amos Nachoum dispels the misconception of killer species in a photogr...

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Plastic Bags


New Year’s Resolution For The Sea

For The Sea Productions created by award-winning independent filmmaker Ziggy Livnat, MFA, to promote marine environmental protection via visual experience. ...

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We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic...

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